Angus Wheat Consultants Ltd (AWC) was established by wheat breeder Bill Angus to enhance variety development through ‘public-private’ partnerships and to help train a new generation of wheat breeders. AWC also works with clients worldwide to increase wheat yields on-farm while maintaining quality and optimising inputs.

Bill led the highly-successful Nickerson/Limagrain wheat breeding programme for over 20 years - bringing UK farmers varieties such as Claire, Einstein, Alchemy and Invicta - and securing a market leading position for the company.

He set up AWC when he moved on from his role as Wheat Research & Development Manager for Groupe Limagrain, wanting to return to the ‘real world’ of breeding and growing wheat - and day-to-day interaction with farmers, processors and commercial partners.

Bill’s guiding philosophy is unchanged from when he established the business. I believe we are on the cusp of a new era in wheat breeding and we must enhance the relationships between the public and private sectors. We have world-leading science and we need to get this to the marketplace.

The breeding community must have influence on publicly funded research through ‘public-private’ partnerships to meet the needs of Governments in their aspirations for enhanced food security with the added challenge of Brexit.

This philosophy is also seen by engagement with organisations such as BBSRC, BMGF and CIMMYT as well as through relationships with private sector breeders and agronomy companies

Bill adds: “At the heart of AWC’s work is the development and introduction of new wheat genetics to UK growers in the new and exciting wheat growing scenario prompted by Brexit. The UK has a world-leading average wheat yield of well over 8t/ha – and there is a UK-funded project to drive UK wheat yields towards 20t/ha over the next 20 years. It is one of my ambitions to help achieve this.”